My parent and school consultation services provide guidance on topics related to:

  • Ideas for Working Collaboratively with Teachers and Schools, including guidance on documenting, organizing, and presenting educational comments/concerns
  • Understanding Diagnostic Evaluation/Testing Results and/or the Special Education Eligibility Process
  • Understanding an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Accommodation Plan
  • Intervention Planning
  • Developing Academic Support Plans (school age to college)
  • Understanding how to support Learners in the General Education Setting
  • Designing Home-Based Learning Supports (e.g., homework, tutoring)


The assessments and evaluations that I conduct are designed to address educationally related concerns including:

  • Learning Disability Evaluations (e.g., reading, writing, math; dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia)
  • Re-evaluations and Evaluation Updates to document current levels of cognitive and academic functioning
  • Referral Specific Evaluations (e.g., ADHD/Attention, Executive Functions, Evaluations to meet documentation guidelines for specific accommodation requests)
  • Reading Readiness Evaluations (delivered via a collaborative model*)


I am available to train school districts and organizations tailored to meet your specific needs. My training sessions, delivered in-person or via webinar, include topics such:

  • Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation of specific assessment batteries (e.g., WISC-V, WJ IV COG and ACH, KTEA-3, WIAT-III)
  • Dyslexia Screening at the elementary school level
  • Assessing and Diagnosing Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Writing Psychometrically Sound and Theoretically Defensible Psychoeducational Assessment Reports
  • Linking Assessment Results to Intervention Planning
  • Tailoring IEP supports and General Education supports to Meet the Needs of the Individual Learner
  • Supporting Learners while Considering the Practical Realities of the Classroom
  • Implementing the Intervention Library* (This is a multi-day consultation/presentation which involves training on the use of the intervention library followed by a consultation aimed at compiling an inventory of current district resources with the goal of mapping these resources onto the recommendations included in the Intervention Library. Please note that this specific training is only available to school districts that have already purchased and/or plan to purchase the Intervention Library for school personnel)

Supporting Learners. Improving Outcomes.