Collaborative Approach

Working cooperatively, with other individuals (e.g., parents, teachers, specialists) is often essential to fully addressing a child’s learning needs. Thus, while I am the sole person delivering evaluation and consultation services from this office, there are times when I may work collaboratively with another professional (e.g., neurologist, audiologist, tutor) or agency (e.g., school) to provide you with the most comprehensive information to address your concerns. This collaboration can include direct or indirect services such as attending a school meeting, holding a phone meeting with another service provider, or reviewing a service provider’s evaluation report to understand and integrate his or her findings into an assessment/consultation plan.

Prior to any collaboration, you will be asked to provide your informed written consent.

Beyond inter-professional collaboration, my practice offers a reading readiness assessment, co-developed with a fellow colleague and psychologist, Dr. Lauren Young. This assessment is delivered via a collaborative approach, by me and Dr. Young, and aims to evaluate select, early language and cognitive/conceptual skills integral to early reading acquisition, with the goal of providing you and/or your child’s teachers with general or tailored recommendations that either encourage the continued development of these skills and/or target specific areas that may impede, or otherwise pose a challenge to, a child’s early reading development. More information about this assessment is available upon request.

Please note that with the exception of reading readiness screenings which are designed to be delivered collaboratively by Drs. Mascolo and Young, you have the ability to request (or decline) a collaborative approach.

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